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OGOD.COM 19000 USD January 27, 2016
SSSE.COM 19500 USD January 28, 2016
CUUZ.COM 9500 USD February 9, 2016
POLICE.INFO 2450 USD February 9, 2016
INFOS.IN 4550 USD February 9, 2016
Wealth.net 125000 USD March 7, 2016
WIE.NET 9950 USD March 24, 2016
AXU.NET 2950 USD March 24, 2016
TBBT.ORG 3250 USD March 24, 2016
P0.ORG 2250 USD March 24, 2016
ExperiencedNanny.com 3450 USD April 6, 2016

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Can you broker my domain names?

We offer a taylor made brokerage service. No silly newsletter or automatic spam emails. We will contact end users one by one for you as well as our extensive relationship with a very large number of domain investors in Europe, US and Asia. No fees upfront, we would bear all the costs of marketing and selling your domains for you.

Can I buy domain names if I don’t have a hosting provider?

Yes. You can register domain names before you find a hosting provider, and, in fact, you are not required to host a domain name.

When you register a domain name with us, we automatically park it. A temporary, parked page displays when visitors type the domain name into their browser’s address bar. The parked page indicates you are reserving the site.

Why Chinese people buy so many domain names?

For non-Chinese investors, domains like gttw.com and llkw.com were traditionally of lower demand since they never passed the radio test. Today, however, four-letter combinations are bringing in ever-increasing prices.

For many domain-name buyers, the Chinese alphabet is unknown. That’s because there is none. Numbers and symbols have the most meaning in Chinese, with certain letters representing many possible combinations of meaning. The one big difference is that there are no vowels represented. Any domain name with an A, E, I, O or U, or with the letter V, is considered second tier. Domains without these letters are considered premium.

Going back to the rarity of things. Every type of dot-com domain has a defined supply. There are only 100 Number Number (NN) dot-com domains – standing for two-digit numbers, such as 51.com or 86.com. Additionally, there are only 1,000 three-number (NNN) dot coms and 676 two-letter dot coms (like AA.comMC.com and other well-defined sets of domain names).

While it may sound like millions of domain names, the reality is that the number of dot coms defined as premium is relatively small.

No customs declaration. No property taxes. No annual fees (outside the registration fee). Domestic and international escrow services. Ownership privacy. If there was ever an asset made to handle Chinese wealth, it was domain names.

Source: Business insider

Do you sell all types of domains?

We offer a range of different domain types to give you a wider selection to choose from. Not all of the different domain types that we provide are listed, therefore feel free to opening a live chat or sending us a message.

Amongst the generous number of internet domain names we provide are gTLD domains (Generic Top Level Domain) such as .com, .net, .org. Newgtld (New Generic Top Level Domain) like .info, .biz, .mobi and also the ccTLD domains (Country Code Top Level Domain) such as .in, .cn, .us, .fr, .de, .co.uk, .uk, .cc, . co and much more!

How much does a domain cost?

Domain names are nowadays digital real estate. Their value depends on 3 main factors: rarity, offer & supply and renewal fees. Therefore the price range is immense, it literally goes from barely 0 to several million dollars.

What we could clearly reckon is that the price of a domain name is what a buyer is willing to pay for. To illustrate that you will find below the top 10 highest domain name sales of all time:

sex.com: USD13,000,000

hotels.com: USD11,000,000

fund.com: USD9,999,950

porn.com: USD9,500,888

porno.com: USD8,888,888

fb.com: USD8,500,000

diamond.com: USD7,500,000

beer.com: USD7,000,000

z.com: USD6,874,000

slots.com: USD5,500,000


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